In honor of the Jewish New Year, we’d like to announce a special opportunity for the New Canaan Jewish Community!

A generous New Canaan donor has offered to sponsor a free first Mezuzah for every Jewish Family in New Canaan, to bring the blessing and security of Mezuzah to your home, workplace and community. If you already have a Mezuzah, we will have your Mezuzah checked to make sure that its still Kosher, for no charge.

The doorposts may have warped from age, and the houses deteriorated over time. But the small scroll of parchment, a mezuzah, which a Jew carries with him from home to home, from country to country, is the keeper of our traditions. Similar to a national flag it carries our sacred motto, inscribed on the scroll within: Hear O Israel, the Lord is our G‑d, the Lord is One! 

We are offering any Jewish resident or Business Owner in New Canaan: 

- One Free Mezuzah  ($40 value).

- Free Mezuzah Checking Services (Value: $10 per Mezuzah). 

(We will pick up your mezuzahs, have them checked by a competent SCRIBE, and bring them back and reaffix them on your doors. Whether you have 1 Mezuzah or 30 Mezuzahs, we are happy to offer this service, absolutely free.)

Fill out the form below to sign up for this exciting campaign. 

For more information on the meaning of Mezuzah click here 

 Join millions of Jews and over three thousand years of tradition - get your free Mezuzah today!

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